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Sunny Achers (2023)

Sunny Achers

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What Is This?

Sunny Achers is a sitcom co-written/produced by Kelly Grago & Alex Schecter. The pilot, titled "Prune Heist," centers on four kooky, old friends living in a rest home, and follows their adventures…and mis-adventures.


The twist: the two protagonists are played by 20-somethings (Kelly & Alex) in wrinkle makeup and gray wigs. In the pilot, “Prune Heist,” the elders are distraught over only being given free prunes on Thursdays. In order to cure their constant constipation, they attempt to break into the kitchen to steal the home’s supply of prunes.


For more on Sunny Achers, follow @SunnyAchers and @TheVirtualStageCo on Instagram.

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